The more challenging, the happier

“I love to explore.
My fun in programming is to crack some something.
OSforce is a playground like this, I enjoy it.”
Li Feng
Project Manager


Shanghai United Cell Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

"We have been working with OSfoce for many years and are the best partner we can trust.

We are impressed with the professionalism and timely service of OSfoce:

In cooperation and communication, OSfoce can put forward many constructive opinions for our reference according to our needs; in the process of cooperation, OSfoce will surprise us in the first time, and we will be surprised if we encounter problems and work overtime to come up with a professional solution. The solution meets our needs; the professional and timely service provided by OSfoce is very important for our project promotion and we are very satisfied. "
Qing Liu Manager

No.1 "Add Logo" Promotional Items online store

"We were impressed and still impressed by OSforce team since the first time we have gave them a job to do. They have professional senior team, they are very responsible, and never try to find any excuses when we bring any questions before them, which is such a good character we can hardly find with any one else.

Another thing we like about them is they always think and solve problems through a client's perspective. We have so smooth cooperations from designing to coding and till now, we are at the stage of maintenance.

We want to say thanks to them for designing and creating such a pretty and easy to use website, and here is their work, and our website."
EZGIFT Customer Manager Lena Lu

Top Chinese fashion brand

"I am writing to thank you for the excellent service and solid design of our new “insh” online store. You did a great job of reflecting our brand and what I stand for as a fashion designer. This mixed with the functionality and ease of use that an online store needs makes me highly appreciative of your service. From our first meeting to having the site go was quick and I felt like I was part of the design process without all the headaches of making a site myself. I would recommend OSforces’ service to anyone looking for quick reliable web design. Take a look at what they built for us."
Helen Lee, Most famous Chinese fashion designer

Web catalog for a Nanjing display manufacturer

"We were very satisfied with our partnership with OSforce. The company not only has a professional engineering team that completes assignments on time- OSforce respects the needs of their customers and maintains a high standard of professional ethics. In short, we were very happy working with the company and appreciate the excellent professional skills of their company's project team."
Wang Juan Project Manager  Goto Display

US Medical devices store upgrade

"When I needed an x-cart customization services company, I chose OSforce, because they respond quickly, are experts on the basic functions of x-cart, and understand my needs. In just a few months time we successfully created a Taobao Mall online store while keeping costs within my budget. If you want to create an online store, I recommend OSforce."

A Chinese language school

"While the new backend system is more complicated and higher maintenance than our old system, after a period of training and exploration, I was able to appreciate the many advantages of our new content management system, which is far easier to update than our old system. We can add independent, customized modules at no additional cost. OSforce customer service feedback is timely, and their IT managers are very patient, professional, conscientious and can offer many recommendations for improving your site. Their work is especially suitable for sites with content that needs frequent updating!"
Lance Liu CEO, ChineseVie School

International trading corporate website

"Their innovative designs and personalized service let me abandon traditional website style and create a platform with unique characteristics."
Han Daguang Executive director, AMS INTERNATIONAL CORP

A listed company's corporate website

"We enjoyed a pleasant collaboration with OSforce. While we familiarized ourselves with our site's new backend, OSforce partners, including Mr. Liu, patiently helped us, offering technical support and assisting our server manager with his doubts and difficulties. This assistance was very useful and we look forward to future cooperation with them."

Mr Jin Project Manager, Green Best Holdings

Steel company's corporate website

"We were honored to have the opportunity to co-operate with OSforce. They have given us strong support in the design process, close cooperation, patience, guidance, and let us really feel their expertise and professionalism. We are very satisfied with the final product. Mr. Liu leads an outstanding team that we're sure will have many more brilliant achievements, and I look forward to working with them again."
Mr. Hu, Project Manager, HSS Group

US Medical devices store upgrade

"OSforce has greatly and timely finished our project. It is a reliable partner for our IT needs ."
Warren Zhu CEO, Orion Enterprises Inc

US Glasses web store

"OSforce has been an excellent partner from the initial development of our three eCommerce sites through support during continual operations. Their team is technically competent, responsive and reliable. They gave us timely and excellent service whenever we need them."
Aaron Au Partner, T33ZE INC

Direct marketing agency

"I wanted to take the time and thank you and your staff for a job well done. With your professionalism and the technical skills of your team our business now counts with a web site that works and makes sense for us. Special thanks to the team for liaising on time with our staff and making sure we can get things done both on budget as well as within the delivery dates. You really helped us to envision a more productive website in terms of its feel and look."
Alex D Font, PMD Director, Opus One Asia

Health products web store

"I We really like the services of Osforce. They are very responsive to our needs, and they often give suggestions to our proposals including alternatives. They are friendly and easy to work with. It was a pleasure working with them."
Tony Tan VP

American Training Company

“"I initially discovered OSforce through the CEO Michael Liu, I was immediately impressed with his thorough knowledge of ecommerce and web design. After passing a couple of "tests" I hired them for my site redesign which was completed beautifully. I'd absolutely recommend them!" ”
Brett Isis, Teaching Nomad Founder and CEO

a Shanghai based IT solutions Provider

“We are very happy to work with team of OSforce, they are professional, with good taste of new teach fashion, and they provide very good after sales services. We are very satisfied with the new designed website by them.”
Justin Lu, Nova Tech CEO